Elaine Parker - Dip. IIP, MBACP

Counselling and Training

Additional forms of support

As well as counselling, I am able to offer other forms of short-term support for those who are experiencing particular issues. 

Redundancy support workshops

In times of economic downturn, redundancy can cause emotional challenges.  It can feel very de-stabilising to lose a job, as so much of our identity is involved in our choice of work.

I offer a one-day workshop for companies who are facing redundancies, offering support to those who are leaving. 

Issues addressed will include working with feelings about loss, change and courage; looking at how we approach opportunities; looking at how we can support ourselves emotionally through life changes; developing self-confidence.

Life Review Appointments

At various points in life, change occurs and this can feel very challenging, confusing and sometimes overwhelming.

Life review appointments are designed to offer support at times of challenge including working through decision-making about relationships, changing career direction, approaching retirement, and other types of change.

Life review appointments look at what skills we already have as individuals, what we need to develop and what we need to do in order to move forward.

"There is a courage of happiness as well as a courage of sorrow." (Alfred Adler)