Elaine Parker - Dip. IIP, MBACP

Counselling and Training


Like many counsellors, I integrate a range of theories in my work, but my main approach is Adlerian. This is a holistic, psychodynamic, person-centred, humanistic approach.

Adlerian Counselling is successfully applied in many situations.  I work with individuals (of any age), couples and families.

Alfred Adler believed that, as children, we develop our own ideas about self, others and the world and that we act according to those ideas. 

Whether we are an only, eldest, middle or youngest child, we will have different experiences of growing up in the same family.  Adler felt that one of our main aims is to move away from a sense of inferiority (which we all experience by the very fact of being babies and small children) to a position of significance.

We will do what we need to in order to feel we are equal to others.  This striving is part of what drives us to become who we are and we carry this into adult life.  However, this energy might become too difficult to keep up, which might cause us emotional unrest and isolation, which is when counselling can be helpful.  By building our sense of equality and belonging, we find our way back into a better equilibrium.

Referrals can be from GPs, other health practitioners, or people can  refer themselves.

In the first assessment we get to know each other a little and we decide if we feel we can work together.  There is no obligation to have a set number of sessions, and the agreement we make can be cancelled by either you or myself at any time.


My supervision is based on Adler’s principles of equality and social interest – working with the practitioner to understand the dynamics between themselves and the client and themselves in relationship with myself as well as the setting they work in.  I supervise individually or in groups.

I am a member of BACP and work to their ethical guidelines.

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"There is a courage of happiness as well as a courage of sorrow." (Alfred Adler)